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Building company SIA "Jaunākais Celtniecībā" (lic.Nr 4833) was established in 1997.

Main activiries of the company are:

  • building, construction and maintenance works,
  • appartment houses, hotels and motels building,
  • commercial and social objects building,
  • industrial and ligistics centers building,
  • objects for sport purposes building,

In 2000 company has launced ready-mixed concrete manufacture at its own plant. As a result of reorganization which took place in 2004 two independent companies were established:

  • SIA " JC "- specializing in building and construction works (building enterprise license Nr 0130 - R)
  • SIA " JC Betons " - specializing in concrete manufacture and delivery.

Professional opportunities, experience and technical equipment allow the company to develop Latvian building industry.

Company's turnover in 2004 was 1500 000USD, in 2005 -  1400 000USD, in 2006 it has encreased and reached 3 500 000 USD, in 2007 it was 5 500 000USD. , but in 2008 turnover was 4 000 000USD. Contracts planned for 2009 allow us to look into the future with confidence, the turnover according to the prepared agreements the company expects will increase 6 000 000USD.

For the same period the production of concrete reached 150000m3, for the amount of more than 15 000 000 USD.

Rapidly growing SIA " JC " is ready for new challanges!


You can trust us!

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